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Protected by blockchain, supported by institutions you trust
The transaction platform to sell and transfer goods across borders and get paid
Velvet is the most secure platform

Velvet is the most secure platform to conduct transactions for a variety of reasons.

It's a combination of the immutable and transparent nature of blockchain that the platform is built upon and the institutions that support the processes.

Immutable records

Every action on the Velvet platform is timestamped and committed to the distributed ledger, meaning that no facts can ever be distorted or changed. Not by you, not by malicious 3rd parties, not by the Velvet platform. Full integrity, always.

Know your transaction participants

With blockchain, every transaction participant always has to be verified through Anti Money Laundering and KYC (Know Your Customer) procedures. That way, you always know who you're dealing with. Help reduce the rate of shady business dealings by insisting on a secure transaction.

Transparency in the process

The Velvet platform shows you where you are in the transaction, at every given moment. That way you know where you stand and what you're waiting for. No more blindly waiting for a transaction to go through. With knowledge comes empowerment.

Secure banking partners

We work with the world's most secure banking partner - the Bank of Lithuania and multiple international financial institutions as a corresponding partners in banking.


Velvet is a platform that is fully verified and regulated by the same requirements that are asked from the highest levels of banking institutions. This ensures full compliance with the Anti money-laundering and counter terrorist financing act as well as all other banking institution requirements.

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