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Buy and sell online, safely
The transaction platform to sell and transfer goods across borders and get paid
The easiest way to safely conduct valuable cross-border transactions online
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What can you trade using Velvet?

B2C/C2C online deals

Travel agencies

Classified ads

Why use Velvet to conduct online transactions?

Know who you're trading with

No more anonymous internet buyers. Velvet requires all buyers and sellers to complete identification to ensure safety.

Take control of the transaction

Define your own criteria for the transaction. It will go forward only if all parties agree. And see the status, every step of the way.

Ensure all sides are happy

The buyer is guaranteed to get their goods, the seller is guaranteed to get their reward. It's a win-win situation.

Skip the paperwork

Since Velvet is on the blockchain, each step is documented and unchangeable. Thanks to the smart contract, you don't need to meet with a lawyer, sign any agreements or go to the bank to open escrow accounts.



The parties register and prove their identity with Velvet representatives

Deal information

The price and conditions of the purchase are entered on Velvet

transfer of funds

The buyer transfers the payment to the provided 3rd party escrow bank account

transfer of goods

The seller ships the item to the recipient

Closing of Deals

The deal is closed and money is transferred to the seller