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Empower safe transactions on your site
Blockchain powered, immutable records, transparent deals
Connect to the Velvet via API or integration modules to have access to blockchain-powered transactions.
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Who uses Velvet?
Velvet is used by institutions in a variety of industries

B2C/C2C online deals

Travel agencies

Classified ads



Buyers can see where they stand in the transaction at any given step. They see if payment is pending, accepted, if the product is issued, or any other status.

Immutable records

Transaction details cannot be altered, making it the most secure and trustworthy solution for both small and large deals.

Swift ownership

The transfer of the product or service is smoothly done with the help of a built-in escrow platform if needed.

Worldwide service

Independent of geography, Velvet provides secure transactions to buying and selling parties, regardless of their geographical location.